Wolf Spriterunner's are artificially made half clone, half machine humanoid's that make up the backbone of the Night Corporation. Named "Wolf Spriterunner's" after a scientist that was killed during an accident at the Night Corp. Labs, and also for their unique but rather abnormal speed. Wolf Spriterunner's currently serve as the grunts and footsoldiers for The Anti-Wizard Club

Wolf Spriterunners
Two Spriterunners
Two Spriterunner's side by side, attacking an enemy.


Night Corporation




Masculine Programming




So far there are only Male Versions, and they all wear different types of specialized armor to protect their bodies, each Spriterunner wields at least one weapon. They tend to be very aggressive in and outside of battle.


  • Two male Spriterunner's ambushed Blaine Icebreeze and Evan on Azteca, Evan was slaughtered by them during the Duel, but Blaine eventually managed to avenge Evan by destroying the Spriterunners.

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