Wizard AKA WIZARD375 was the very first person to join law's brigade and at one point in time second in command of the brigade. 


Full Name:

Wiz Ard





Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Brown (Original), Red (Current).




Law's Brigade

The Wizard Club

Magic Academy

Egyptian Academy


Cass Lifeblossom (Son)

Erica Lifeblossom (Daughter)


If anyone says wizard they are saying the first and last name wiz(first) ard(last).Also a family tree has been made so click this link:


Law, Wizard, James, Fresh & Maxamillion

Wizard, James, Fresh And Law.

Pleae ask questions and Wizard will answer them and they must be about Wizard sense it is his page other people and who he hangs out with do not count.

Q:Has Wizard always been a Grand General?

A:He became Grand General when walker left the guild before we found out he was garland and had the santa beard.

Q:How many pets do you have, what kind are they and what are there names?

A:Wizard has four pets and they are two dragons, cat and crocodile but they are nice to people who aren't EITC and there names are for the dragons the male is Bob and the female is Sam, the cat is Fluffy and the crocodile is Steve but i have no idea why he named it steve or name his dragon Bob or how even got his dragons as a pet. Could be from when he played wizard101.But I do know that Steve reminds him on his favorite chronicle The Kane Chronicles is his favorite book about edypt.
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Q:What level were you on Wizard101?

A:I was level 49.  


  • He goes though basic and unlimited a lot.
  • Wizard is deleted (not that it matters anyway because potco closed).
  • He had 2 famed daggers and 4 cursed blades.


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