William Seasteel
EITC outfit

Full Name:

William Seasteel





Hair Color:


Eye Color:



East India Trading Company

Beckett's Co. Elites

William Seasteel was the Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister (4th-in-command) of the East India Trading Company during British Co. Elites - Co. Black Guard Era (2013). He was the primary Scribe for the British Co. Elites. He founded the EITC Third Division, the British Cavaliers, and Fort Defender on Isla Perdida. He created the Guild Weekly News and was responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of several rebels. He led the Defense of Padres, a two-week long engagement against Rebels and the Undead Army. He was a Colonel-in-Command of the First Platoon of the EITC Third Division, he was a Colonel before being transfered to Secretary. He was a key figure in the Second Invasion of Ireland as well as being the captain of the HMS Poseidon.

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