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William Darkvane

Full Name:

William Darkvane





Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Emily Darkvane (Wife)


Black Sharks

East India Trading Company

William Darkvane's army

The French Royalty

The Paradox

Co. Black Guard

The Government of The Spanish Empire

William Darkvane was a well known french role-player in pirates of the caribbean online, leader of several guilds including but not limited too: The French RoyaltyWilliam Darkvane's army and Caribbean Navy. He was also a skilled assassin for hire and the late husband of Emily Darkvane. Darkvane spent some time in The Black Guard, but was discharged for false accusations. After that he co-founded The Black Sharks, thus leading to his death as Samuel Redbeard put a bounty on his head for assisting Ned Whalebreaker, two days after the bounty was placed he was murdered by Billy Hullbatten.

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