The Following are people wanted dead or alive for heinous crimes against laws brigade. Please Feel free to add your own if you are a member of laws brigade.

0. Johnny Goldtimbers

Not only is Johnny Goldtimbers the leader of the East India Trading Company, Co. Black Guard, Black Council and about everything else EITC but he has been an enemy of laws brigade from the very start, going back to 2011 when he was 2nd in command of the eitc and Samuel's right hand man. He has not only caused damage to the brigade by vandalizing the wiki himself but has also done numerous other things such as: trying to kill Lawrence multiple times, threatening to destory laws brigade wiki (again), nearly destroying laws brigade more than once, ordered EITC spree killings and numerous other crimes.

1. Samuel Harrington Redbeard

Samuel Redbeard technically started The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC and though he is no longer in charge of the East India Trading Company or even in the east india trading company and despite the fact that he has no power anymore, he is still wanted for his past crimes Including: Slavery. Human Trafficking. Murder. Attempted Murder. Vandalism. Torture of the innocent. Destroying Laws Brigade Wiki (the first laws brigade wiki). And countless other crimes.

2. Matthew Shipmonger

Matthew Shipmonger was our key to finally winning The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC but instead he backstabbed the brigade by telling johnny our plans, he is the reason we lost the war. And that will never be forgotten.

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