Preface: Got the idea of the content of this blog from an anime. ._."

Recently, I've been thinking of a new thing. And that is of Circus! Circus is cool.The performers, the animals and also the Ringmaster. The role of the Ringmasters remind me of leadership. And the word 'circus' reminds me of any kind of Zoo. So, I was thinking what if the circus was actually famous organization which protects people from all kinds of evils? And what if the members of the circus were similar to a super hero, or if they had different kinds of powers? A girl from circus may seem to be a very happy and cheerful lady. But she may bear a sad past. After hearing the word 'circus', the things that come to my mind is a very colorful background and a lion. 

Well, I wanna finish this blog by saying 'Thank you' and 'Sorry'. You guys can take any of them~  

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