Honestly, I am quite tired of Ben Drago1 acting like he owns the wiki and I think we should do something about it, that said, I, Lord Marshal Lawrence Daggerpaine of Law's Brigade issue a community vote to decide whether or not Drago should be allowed to keep his powers or not. 


  • For one he was accidentally made a bureaucrat, after the fact he refused to remove it.
  • For another, recently he has threatened to promote local trolls on the wiki to the rank of bureaucrat if I (Lord Law), do not bend to his will. Thus abusing powers.
  • He has been banned numerous times and uses his bureaucratic powers to ban dodge (removing all his chat blocks and regular bans instead of waiting them out).
  • This user shows constant disrespect towards the other administrators and has broken some of the few rules we have here. 

In exactly three days from now, the side with the 2/3 majority will be declared the winner. If you don't know how to vote, comment with "Support" if you support the demotion, "Oppose" if you oppose and "Neutral" if you are well... Neutral. 


  • Cooltext732585575
  • InspiredAndNatural
  • wipefeetnmat
  • Wikia Contributor
  • Marck Swordstalker
  • Mr Famoussca @ Admins 05:42, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

'Da fox was here (talk) 22:30, March 20, 2014 (UTC) (i need a custom signature)

  • Scarlot
  • Vein223311



Additional Evidence

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