So yesterday I payed a little visit to The Inn at Pine Terrace, and got a private tour from the nice Innkeepers of the entire Inn (excluding the basement). I took some photos to share with you guys, and I documented some of the history I learned there. Anyway's I hope you enjoy this as much as I had.

Inn at Pine Terrace

Built in 1879 as a private summer residence for the two Schuttler brothers, The Inn at Pine Terrace was modeled on the design of a French nobleman's castle near Vienna. The original owners, wagon builders from Chicago, named their estate "Mon Bijou" (My Jewel). In 1988, the three story mansion was restored to it's original Cream-City brick exterior. The Interior was carefully renovated, with special attention paid to the hand-carved woodwork, gracious furnishings and exquisite wall coverings. Mon Bijou remained in the Schuttler family for over forty years and hosted such notables as Mark Twain, several American Presidents, and many of the country's beer brewing elite, including the Miller, Anheuser, Busch, and Pabst families, as well as railroad and industrial barons. Today the Inn is primarily used as a bed and breakfast. The Inn at Pine Terrace is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



Many guests who have visited the Inn claim it is haunted, I asked John and Ruth (the owners) about this and they said and I quote, "We have not been, as we say 'contacted by the spirits' yet, but we do believe something has been spooking guests.". After this I asked if there really was a lady who hung herself in The Tower Room, they then told me that there have been a few deaths at the inn and one of them did involve a young girl hanging herself in the tower room, according to John the girl was in love with a boy, but her parent's didn't approve of this, but she snuck out of the mansion to see him anyway. After her parents found out about this they arranged for her to be sent away, hearing this the girl tied a rope to the beam in the tower room and hung herself. After this the Inn sat empty for some time being before renovated for a Bed and Breakfast.

The other death involved the family's youngest; A three year old toddler who was making his way down the staircase when he tripped over the family dog, flew down the stairs and broke his neck. He died a couple hours later in the hospital. 


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