Missing Brigadier's

Everybody I Do Not Know If Any Of You Have Noticed This But... A Few Brigadier's Seem To Have Just.... Strangely.... Vanished.... And A Couple Were Found Dead... I Director Law Of The Brigade FBI Am Investigating These Murders & Strange Disapearances. If ANYONE Knows Or Even THINKS They Know ANYTHING About Any Of These Cases Or Other Thing's Then PLEASE Comment Below Or Tell Me RIGHT Away!

Emily Darkhound

Emily Darkhound Vanished One Night Unexpectedly In POTCO. Then A Year Later Came Back Using 2 Wiki User's. After That She Was Never Seen Again...

Last Seen: 1:23 PM April 19, 2012

Clue's: On April 19th She Came Back With 2 Users, User: "Emily darkhound" & User:"Heartrules123".

Links: , Emily Darkhound & More Links That Should And Shall Be Added Later On...

Barad Midiforger

Barad Midiforger Was Found Dead In His "Padawan Dormity" In CWA, Barad Was Very Active But Never Got Into That Much Trouble. He Obviously Upset Somebody. Barad Was Found Dead Shot In The Head In His Padawan Dormity Recently.

Links: Barad Midiforger

David Battlehammer

One Of The Original Brigadier's David Battlehammer Vanished One Day. The Last Time He Was Seen Is With Lawrence In 2011. He Told Lawrence About A Game Called Luna Plus, And That He Appologized For Being So Inactive And He Would Try To Be As Active As Possible. He Was Never Seen Again...

Links: David Battlehammer


Jenkins Is Also One Of Many Brigadier's Who Went MIA.

Links: Jenkins


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