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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 11 "Bully" Review

Lord Law December 12, 2013 User blog:Lord Law

Okay so i know i have not done a review like this for awhile but i want to start doing these again, Scarlot has inspired me to start making reviews like this again and so i shall.

Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 11 "Bully" Review:

"Alone, we can do so little. Together we can do so much." Helen Keller

I was into it from beginning to end, The first part made me jump a little but like almost every single other criminal minds episode it was completely unpredictable. The episode shared a lot of blake's history which i found very interesting. Though like many other episodes this one was depressing, but overall i think it had a great storyline, once again, great job criminal minds!

Overall rating for this episode: ★★★½ (3 and a half stars)

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