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aka Len Kagamine (Cosplay)

Bureaucrat Lord Marshal
  • I live in your imagination.
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is Current Leader/Lord Marshal of Law's Brigade
  • I am Schrödinger, the suicidal Neko.
  • Lord Law

    So recently I decided to use my spare time to explore the city I live in, locate random statues, take pictures of them and make a blog post here :3                                                                                                                        So far I only found a few, but it's better than nothing, I will be updating this blog post every time I capture an image of a new statue. Alright, I know this is a little random but I still hope you enjoy dis o_o

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  • Lord Law

    The Inn at Pine Terrace

    April 14, 2014 by Lord Law

    So yesterday I payed a little visit to The Inn at Pine Terrace, and got a private tour from the nice Innkeepers of the entire Inn (excluding the basement). I took some photos to share with you guys, and I documented some of the history I learned there. Anyway's I hope you enjoy this as much as I had.

    Built in 1879 as a private summer residence for the two Schuttler brothers, The Inn at Pine Terrace was modeled on the design of a French nobleman's castle near Vienna. The original owners, wagon builders from Chicago, named their estate "Mon Bijou" (My Jewel). In 1988, the three story mansion was restored to it's original Cream-City brick exterior. The Interior was carefully renovated, with special attention paid to the hand-carved woodwork, g…

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  • Lord Law

    Honestly, I am quite tired of Ben Drago1 acting like he owns the wiki and I think we should do something about it, that said, I, Lord Marshal Lawrence Daggerpaine of Law's Brigade issue a community vote to decide whether or not Drago should be allowed to keep his powers or not. 


    • For one he was accidentally made a bureaucrat, after the fact he refused to remove it.
    • For another, recently he has threatened to promote local trolls on the wiki to the rank of bureaucrat if I (Lord Law), do not bend to his will. Thus abusing powers.
    • He has been banned numerous times and uses his bureaucratic powers to ban dodge (removing all his chat blocks and regular bans instead of waiting them out).
    • This user shows constant disrespect towards the other ad…
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  • Lord Law

    Okay, so today I was really bored and just decided to create this, I thought I could make it more unique by picking some rather unusual characters from movies, anime, video games, cartoons, tv shows, etc. And if you don't agree with my opinions then I would really appreciate some feedback in the comments section below. I hope you enjoy! 

    "I'm captain of The Warblers now, and I'm tired of playing nice."

    Since his first appearance in Season Three, Episode five "The First Time", you could already tell by the way he acted that he wasn't exactly going to be one of those happy go-lucky cheerful characters-- No, not at all. Instead he was the complete opposite, constantly bashing and attacking New Directions. He even went as far as blackmailing Rac…

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  • Lord Law

    MMD Stuff

    March 6, 2014 by Lord Law
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