This is my first time showing my book about wizard101 so the public and I don't want t cry sense I miss it so much. well here it goes.

Wizard’s Of The Unfinished Story Of Heros:Maleatare’s Revenge On Wizard City

By Wizard based on the real game Wizard101

Worldspiral 800 1

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 A Shocking Truth

Chapter 2 How The Evil


Chapter 3 The Hedge Maze

Of Fairy’s

Chapter 4 Double The Trouble

Chapter 5 Time Traveling

Chapter 6 Sad News

Chapter 7 Welcome Back

Chapter 8 trapped

Chapter 9 The Minotaur and the key

Chapter 10 kidnapped by a not so friendly Cyclops

Chapter 1

A shocking truth

It was on a day in October 2010.I came home from school, but that day I didn’t know what was going to happen. When I went to sleep that night I dreamed of going to a place where you can cast spells and go to weird worlds and fight evil.

The next day when I woke up I was in a small round room with a chest and a deck with a quill and ink on it. I looked at the desk closely and I saw that it was made out of real wood. So I went outside I saw everything just like in my dream.

Then someone startled me and they said,”Hello.”I wondered who it was so I turned around and there stood a man with gray hair and in a purple robe with silver stars all over his robe. ”hello, who are you?” ”my name is Ambrose but please call me Professor Ambrose.”

“Ok then professor Ambrose where am I?” “Why you’re at Ravenwood School of magical arts why do you ask?” When I was about to talk back to him I turned around and a big tree started saying.

“Ambrose is this an new student.” the tree said in a deep voice “this is Bartleby and yes Bartleby it is.” Ambrose said in a very rude but nice way.

“Well I give you your school clothes that you have to have on all day” with a snap Ambrose got his clothes on.”ok now the important question, what school would you like to be in, we got storm, ice, fire, death, myth, life, and balance” ”I will go with fire.” Professor Ambrose then gave him a wand and spell book. Your wand comes with six spells one from each school here but not the school you chose. And there’s tons to do in your spell book. Just then a wizard in black and white came over and started saying, “Ambrose lost, souls skeletons, and the fairy’s are corrupted” “calm down Ben I would like to introduce you to Jake.” “Why hello Jake I’m Ben a death wizard at your serves. May I see your spell book?”

Jake handed his spell book to Ben and Ben started saying. “This page says how much gold, health, mana, school and what level you are. Any questions?” “Yes! First what’s mana?” “Mana is what you cast spells with and health is for. . . well it’s hard to explain for health. Well on to the next page” Ben turned the page, “this page is for your house, pet, mounts, jewelry, wands and ect.”Next page this is my favorite page the spells you can put in your deck oh you got the firecat spell add it by touching it as many times as you want.” Just then another new student came out of their dorm and again Ambrose welcomed then. After that BEN and I went over to say hi to the new student when we got there she already chose her school “hello I’m Jake and this is Ben. We see you chose life.” They could tell because she had green and brown on her robe, ”hi I’m Jessica” “ well we were off going to unicorn way to take care of something want to come?”

“Ya sure” as they were heading over a owl came over to deliver a letter. “Oh thanks tell Ambrose we said hi” “why I will” “I know what this is for.” “What is it for and how do you know what it is!?!?!” me and Jessica said in a shock. They went on to unicorn way when they reached the gate a man said “halt you may not go into unicorn way it is to strong for you novice

wizards” “we got a letter” Ben gave the guard the letter. He read and the gate opened by itself,” you may now go in unicorn way now.” Then they went into unicorn way and went over to a balance wizard that was level 1 with a staff and a novice wizard and he told them to defeat three dark fairy’s when they got over there, Jessica was amazed and so was Ben and I.

Then I went to talk to one of them and this big circle with four mini circles in different colors appeared. “No he started a battle we need to help him!” Jessica and Ben went over to the two mini circles to join the fight when they went in, two more fairy’s went in, then it really started. I went first I said firecat and a real cat on fire attacked the first dark fairy it turned to Jessica and she casted an imp it was a tiny thing with a villain. Then it turned to Jake witch casted a dark fairy. It looked as the same as the dark fairy but it attacked the dark fairy. “That’s my school spell” when they finished, they went back for their next quest.

Chapter 2

How the evil started

We will have a break from the soon to be hero’s story of wizard city hero’s story and tell you about the evil started. Malestare was the death teacher/wizard at ravenwood school of magical arts. But one day his wife the old life teacher/wizard became sick malestare tried everything to help her but nothing worked. In a week she had died and they had her funereal. After that day malestare became mad that he sunk his own school to night side and has never been seen sense. A month later a cow from mooshu got hired as the new life teacher. Her name was Moolinda woo. When she got hired malestare summoned spells on every street and unicorn way. Our hero’s must defeat this villain in the spiral the save it.

Chapter 3

The hedge maze of fairy’s

On there way back to the level ten balance wizard and old woman called them over. “please defeat two skeletons because they have my ring” “we will” they continued there way over to the level ten balance wizard who said. “ wait my name is Oliver and I’m a balance wizard. And I would love to come on a adventure with you, can I?” all three of them then said yes at the same time in joy. “by the way Oliver do you have your school spell?” “No why?” “ you don’t!!! you need it,ok ill go back with you to ravenwood” Then all of the sudden after Ben and Oliver left.

A guard ask them to come over when they got there it was the same guard who let them in.” young novice wizards I haven’t seen my friend sense we had to close down the gate. Go check the hedge maze at the end of unicorn way please for me” before we could talk the guard left. “well I guess we have to go all the way down to the end of unicorn way” when they got there they found themselves looking at a fountain and two door so they went around the fountain. And up to the gate they went and knocked hardly so what was ever was in there would here. But no one answered so they tried to make up a spell and there it hit them what was all over wizard city what it said on the banners. “I got it what it said on the banners at the bottom.” “ what” “ it says la mages non mages” when she said them both of there wand started shacking and then a bright glow came on there wands. And there all the sudden there wands talked and they said, “dear wizards Jake and Jessica this Ambrose you guys have learned a new spell it has no school and Oliver and Ben have learned it to. Now bye and good luck.” “There’s the spell card” they both shouted

As they got near it went near them then they touched it and it went into there hands. “I think we put it in our spell book in a open slot” they put the new spell in there spell book then info for it came up and Jessica read. “this spell is for anything that you can imagine . Well that was handy” they said the spell out loud but differently “ la mages non open” they both shouted together. And then all of the sudden they were shocked that the door opened by itself. Then they walked in with caution and when they got in they saw that the place was filled with fairy’s and a hedge maze. Then they looked around and didn’t see the guards friend. So they went into the maze a fairy came and they said to the fairy. ”have you seen someone in here rather then us?” “yes said the fairy in a nice sweet voice. the fairy showed them the way and when she stopped she said again in her sweet voice, “this is where someone lives” so they walked in and they saw another guard and we asked him if he knew the guard that watches the gate and he said yes. Ok then bye they left the house and the hedge maze closed the door with the spell. And walked down the street where they saw the guard and told him that his friend was fine and safe. Then all of the sudden a ice wizard came that was level 1 “what school are you?” Jake said ”I’m ice and Ambrose sent me to find four wizards in here” “ well what are there names” “Jake, Ben, Jessica, and Oliver.” “Well I’m Jake and this is Jessica and Ben and Oliver are over at ravenwood” “well then I’m Tara” after that there came in Oliver and Ben though the tunnel.”Who’s this?” they both said in confusion. “I’m Tara” “ well nice to meet you Tara I’m Ben and this is Oliver. Want to go on a journey with us?” “ya sure but Ambrose sent me to tell you that the skeleton captain and lady black hope have my necklace” “ ok fist that old woman and now you ok we got to put a stop to this” just then Ambrose came over then and promoted to level four. “it’s for your safety you will know why.”

Chapter 4

Double the


“ok so lady blackhope is stronger then the skeleton pirate so Jessica, Jake, and Oliver. You guys will fight lady blackhope and me and Tara will fight the skeleton captain. Now we will wait here for you to report back about lady black hope.” On there way over to lady black hopes tower a skeleton walks up to them and starts a battle. “is this even possible” I said. When the battle started the same bright came to everyone. The battle with the skeleton pirate ended when that bright light appeared. “again this bright light” “Jake look there’s two lets get near them like we did before” when Jake got near the second one and it dodged his hand. “it moved Jessica” then Jessica tried the first one and it did the same thing to it dodged her hand. “look there’s a third one” Oliver said.” Well I’m getting mine, la mages non net.” a big net came into Jake’s hands. Then Oliver, and Jessica said it to and a net went into there hands. Meanwhile Jake had already caught his. ”it’s a sprite spell guys it heals” Jake yelled “then Jessica and Oliver caught there’s “lets put them in our spell book” Oliver put in four, Jessica put in five, and Jake put in three. Now lets go over to the tower.

When they got there they saw four little circle “that’s a sigle that mean we all can go into the tower” Oliver got into the first circle then Jessica and lastly Jake. It counted down to zero then they went in. inside they saw a dark fairy and the skeleton captain. “pesky wizards don’t bother me with my plans for the fairy’s!!!” “ ill show you messing with your plans Jake got near the skeleton pirate and the battle started then Oliver and Jessica went in with him. Jake casted a fire cat on the skeleton captain. “ don’t keep going on him ok he isn’t the only enemy we have to defeat in here.” It turned to Jessica who casted a imp on the dark fairy witch barely did damage. “ Jessica if it’s a spell from the same school that it says the enemy is from then it resists the spell a little.” Last I went to Oliver who casted scarabs on the skeleton captain “don’t laugh at it because I’m not going to use it when I get more powerful spells.” Then it turned to the skeleton captain who casted a death blade on himself. “I knew you would do that bosses can do blades and traps even if you don’t know your school Trap and blade by the way blades you cast on yourself witch increases you spells and trap do the same thing but you put them on enemy’s” while he was talking the dark fairy casted a imp on Oliver. Then I turned on to Jake who casted a firecat on the dark fairy who died by the firecat. Then it went to Jessica for the final blow. Jessica casted a blood bat at the skeleton captain. And the skeleton captain died and Jake, Jessica, and Oliver leveled up to level 5.

Chapter 5

Time traveling

When they got back from the tower over to Tara and Ben, “what do you mean you did the skeleton pirate” “Ben calm down you are being aggravated by being leader let me do it” Jake said calmly. “ your right here you could be leader” Ben and Jake changed spots. “now Jessica you can be my assistant wizard. Jessica got right between Jake and Tara.” Ben go after Tara” Ben went right after Tara and Oliver went behind Ben.” Ok this is how it goes I will start a battle then Jessica will go in after Jessica. Tara will go in then last Ben and Oliver your in charge of our gold spells and you can start a second battle. Now any questions?” I waited a few minutes with now question so, ”ok Jessica, Ben, and Tara come.”“Oliver we will come back as level 6 and you can fight the skeleton boss alone now.” “thank you for saying that Ben” they went there ways Oliver going back to the skeleton tower and Ben, Jake, Jessica, and Tara to lady blackhope. When they got over to the tower they saw that there was lost souls in the street.” These must be her minions so then this must be her tower.” They got on the sigle and went inside. When they were in side the saw lady blackhope in a wedding grown with a sad pale face next to her was a lost soul. “don’t dabble with the fairs of the undead parish now wizard” lady blackhope said like she was losing her voice. “you look sad” Tara said in a sad mood.” Tara do step near her or the battle will start. But it was to late the battle all ready started. We got to help her. So they then went in the battle to. Tara casted a ice beetle on the lost soul, the lost soul died from the ice ice beetle. “lost souls die easy because they have the least health.” Jakes cast a dark fairy on lady blackhope, “yes a quarter on her health went away.” But it was to late there first fizzle they ever saw was a imp. Then Ben got a fizzle to. Then I got bad lady blackhope used a thunder snake on Tara and she fainted. ”Tara” they all shouted “ill heal you” Jake casted the sprite spell on Tara but it went on him. “it only works for life wizards to heal others.” Then it turned to Jessica. “inner life inner life” she casted it with all her mana on Tara. Tara got healed but not fully healed then a green diamond with the life sign showed up. “ sprite, fire elf, and other spells are healing over time spells and the diamond stays for three turns.” “thanks Jessica” “you’re welcome Tara, but I wasted all my mana on the spell” “ it’s a level 6 spell Jessica” the time ran out for Ben so lady blackhope casted a ice beetle on Tara but it did 1 damage on her. That round ended and Tara got healed, Tara casted a thunder snake while yelling, “this is what you get lady blackhope!!!!!!” the thunder snake killed lady blackhope and made her die. When the battle ended a small size lady blackhope showed up next to Tara. “Tara you got a pet lady blackhope!!!and that means you got pet training space. Sense you wanted to beat lady blackhope so badly when the battle ended she had a pet form of her with her and it dropped.” Tara was shocked. Then came in Ben level 6 to. “Jessica I forgot use can use that spell now but it takes a lot a of mana away because you only got plus 2 mana. And we got to go to class because we are level 6 and wizards at level 6 learn a new spell from there school. They rushed off to school into there dorm to get a there school book inbreed with there school color ink and a quill. Jake went to the fire school where professor Falma teaches fire, Tara where professor Greyrose, Ben going to where the death school was, Jessica going to where the old life teachers class was, and Oliver going around looking for his school. “then this dog started talking to him. Oliver turned around and he looked alien and out of order. “young man are you looking for the balance teacher?” “why yes I am.” “well your looking at him” Oliver was so surprised that this talking dog was the balance teacher. “I’m here to learn the next spell after scarab?” “ ah the next spell is scorpion powerful spell that spell is for a level 6. Does 200 damage” Oliver was shocked that it did 200 damage.

Chapter 6

Sad news

Jake Jessica Ben Oliver and Tara went all back to their dorms from taking notes. In the boys room they were sharing notes and spells. And in the girls room they were quiet and trying the waving for the wands of their new spells. When they finished they saw there teachers and a battle circle. “ what is this about?” “we want to show pvp to you guys. Then a horse in a medieval costume came over. “falma are they her yet” “yes. Students this is Diego the king of pvp.” “young wizards I know everything about pvp but I will show you how its done. first up Jake vs. Tara.” Tara walked to one side and Jake walked to the other. It counted down to zero. Tara went first she casted a ice beetle on Jake. Then it was jakes turn. Jake casted a sprite but that took almost all his mana away. “Jake do not use that spell its costs to much mana” said professor Malinda woo. Then it turned to Tara again you used a thunder snake on Jake. “I’m not fainted yet.” Jake healed and casted a thunder snake on Tara. Tara got hit with a lot of damage that it made her faint. “winner Jake” it went on and on till they went back in there dorms and found there new spells. Jakes spell was fire elf a elf with a fire bow. Ben got a ghoul a zombie with a tuxedo and a hat. Oliver got a scorpion the size of four master bedroom together. Jessica got a leprechaun. And lest but not least Tara who got a snow serpent a giant snake that icy blue. “ok we got our new spells” just then Professor Ambrose came. “sense you young wizards did good on saving unicorn way I will allow you all to have a secondary school.” “thank you professor Ambrose” “you’re welcome Jake.” Jake chose storm, Oliver chose myth, Tara chose balance. Ben chose Ice, Jessica chose fire.”ok but this semester end tomorrow.” “what!!!” after they found out there shocking news and packed up they went over to Bartleby. To talk and have a good night rest. “no were late!!!” all of them got up and got dressed as fast as they could then they got there luggage and went over to the center of ravenwood.”well nice meeting you Ben and Oliver” Jake Jessica and Tara went though the portal to the real world. “Ben Ben stop that” “wake up Jake its Jessica.” Jake opened one eye and saw it was Jessica. “how do you know I live here” “ Tara told me.” “now hurry up were going to be late for school.” Jake got up and put on his clothes and forgot to shower. “Jake is that your wand.” “why yes” “don’t bring it to school we aren’t there and who know what could happen.” Jake took his wand out of his pocket and put it back on his bed. “ok no wand” “good now lets go”


Chapter 7

Welcome to the human world

“Hello guys” Tara said as she came walking up. “ready to go back to school.” “no, I miss Oliver and Ben.” Jake said in sadness. “ya me either” meanwhile in wizard city “Oliver stop that it annoying.” ”Ben Oliver!!!!!! There is some trouble on there streets I need you to get Tara, Jake, and Jessica right now” “ok professor Ambrose” Ambrose gave a way of his wand a key to the human world. Ben Oliver you guys came to get us? Well sort of there is a problem on three streets” then out came the principal “oh you must be the new students” “n-“ “well come on” “ok what ever you do don’t use magic” “we got it” later that day” “hey new kid were you going to laugh at me” “ no” ”well you did” “take this” “no ghoul” a ghoul came out of the ground and attacked the person “Oliver why we got to go now” “what is going on out hear” “he made a weird symbol and a ghoul came out of the ground” “really” “ we got to go now” “yep” Ben pulled the key out and turned it to the left and they all vanished

“where are we?” in golem court” “ok” lets go get you guys a bigger deck and new clothes.” After they got there new decks and clothes the went in a olde town “this is where the three streets are that we are going to help Cyclops lane, Firecat alley, and Triton avenue. When they were about to pay they saw a sign that said Bazar now open sell and buy thing “ maybe the person in there sells pets” when they came in the place was packed “wow” “hello may I help you” “yes we would like some pets” well I’m sorry they have gone missing” “what” “yes” “ ok thanks sorry about the pets” “it’s ok”

when they where heading towards Cyclops lane a woman came “would one of you like a amulet making kit?” “ I want one” Jessica said “ok there you go honey” when she handed the box over they went to go sit at a table at a restaurant. When Jessica sat down she opened the box and everyone was amazed there was the school gem Ben got his as a skull with the gem in the mouth and for the eyes. Oliver got his as a hydra with his gem in each head and in the body. Tara got hers as a snowflake with hers in the middle. Serra got hers as a cloud with lighting with her gem in the cloud. Jake got his as a flame with the gem in the center. lastly Jessica got hers as a leaf with her gem in the center. ”ok now that we have our amulets I have to tell you that they will not work till we defeat the person you is behind a problem on a street that is for our school. So only Jessica’s work.” “what” “not lying” “ok then lets go to Cyclops lane.

Chapter 8

Trapped in confusion

When they went in they found trolls everywhere as they walked down they saw a myth wizard talking to a guard. “But what do you mean I can’t go further down Cyclops lane.” “sorry professor Ambrose told me to find five wizards a fire, life, death, ice, storm, and a balance” “come on really” “he is with us” Jake said “he is” “yes don’t you remember professor Ambrose told us that we needed one more wizard?” “oh ya” “well if he is you may pass” they walked past the guard to go sit down under a tree “so why did you want to go further into unicorn way?” “well I found out that three wizards got captured” they all were in shock “I saw what happened they were facing a Cyclops so I’m a myth wizard” “so “he is trying to say if there is a note that one of these mythology creators has one” “correct and a troll is a messenger so lets see” so they went back to the front of Cyclops lane to fight trolls when they almost defeated all the trolls they saw one running back to the end “lets get him he may have a note” so they chased him all the way to the end and surrounded him when he just fainted they looked around and saw the note on the sidewalk it said. “Are the pets and the wizards captured yet so I can steal there power Malestare.” “I know that pets wander into the cave here into unicorn way” “ok then hmm who is this for though?” “We can find out later we got to go save the pets they are in danger” so they went into the cave and found skeletons guarding them. “this is my time there death so you guys sneak past them and I will talk to them” so while Ben was talking to them the others went behind and they didn’t know but the was a Banshee watching them and screamed intruder alert intruder alert so they got the pets and ran out of there as fast as they could and returned to the Bazar as fast as they could. ”we found them in the dark cave skeletons and haunted souls were guarding them.”


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