These are just the facts and truth about some people on the POTCO players wiki, sorry if this hurts you but it is the truth, it hurts.Any negative comments will be removed by me and the other admins.

POTCO Players wiki admins

  • Try and shut down the wiki.
  • Do the "good" things for there wiki.


  • Tries to prove that the whole wiki is underaged.

John Breasly

  • Admitted he sockpuppets in a message on POTCO Players wiki"I know you guys have bias adminship over at the Law's Brigade wiki, and you think you can ban whoever you want, whenever you want, and for however long you want, but life doesn't work that way. I read your little "infinite ban" reasons for me, blocking me from your chat. Can I just point out you cursed over eight times, too? But, you know, that wasn't counted, because Lord Law is your buddy. You're messed up in the head, bro.

    Oh, and good luck keeping me out of chat, I have like six accounts ready to just walk in there :)"

  • Doesn't respect our rules.

  • Thinks me and Walker are abusing our rights when we are not.

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