Sense i'm reading the Hynger Games book we might as well have a PvP tournament to see which person can survive last, it will show how they did it in the move and book.The rules are simple, if you get killed once your "dead" you can't do it anymore.Anyone can enter the contest, we will be using the PvP glitch so I and who ever has a camera and wants to film it thats in the tournament may.We will be doing this round on Tortuga, you get a ten minute start to hide but the only place you can't go is King's Arm.If you co-host with someone on the channel that doesn't want to be in the tournament they can still host with you but in King's Arm.The games will start when there is enough (4 people at least) tributes.I will update this if anyone (a tribute) wants to compete in the games, so like Effie Trinket says at District 12 each year "Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds ever be in your favor!"

Put your district in your comment if you are entering.If your outside of the U.S.A pick a district you like best.

Tributes and there district

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