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Life Inside A NOOB

Direwolves November 1, 2011 User blog:Direwolves

Sense tonight is halloween I would like to share something with you guys in the brigade(includes Walker and the EITC).

I went on my NOOB pirate David Shipmorgan and as soon as I get on a am invited to a guild.So I join the guild and I see that thee is only me and the GM in it. So I tried asking him for help(witch NOOBS do) and he didn't reply back so i asked to be his friend and nothing. so I went into Kings Arm and only a person was there and i asked to friend them and they said no then went afk(yes I know the glitch).

Screenshot 2011-10-31 21-48-51

If you cant read it read this:Well this has been another NOOB update though the eye of a NOOB

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