I know what you are all thinking why is he doing another one again?Well sense my last won was good(more comments people I don't mind what side in the war) I wanted to make this every few days.Well here it goes.

I would like to share something with you guys in the brigade(includes Walker and the EITC) about how a NOOB can turn into a great pirate in a blink of a eye with maybe your help if you find him.

I have been searching for the right guild with active people,helpful people, and lots of high levels with tons of people in the guild.That when I came to Abassa where Imortales(spelled wrong) forever with the stuff I need to join a guild. So i asked them if they could help me and they had someone (witch happened to be the GM) teleport to me. So lets give them five( can only go up to five) points(this will continue in next entry).
Screenshot 2011-10-31 21-48-51

I know you can read it now casue I checked it.

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