Admins from the players wiki ik you watching my every move for you to unban Raven, Emily, and Angel but here is my stinking main edit count on this wiki!

(Main) 195 30.71% 303 27.08%

Id care what it is like for chat there anymore but I am making books so just stop harrassing me saying that I could be underaged.Blame them for telling personal info on the internet.So what!You all should have just forgot about because IS IT your information to know there stuff?No so then why did you tell the whole wiki Jar?Tell us because you seem to be in glory as a god on a wiki.Just tell us all in a blog over there on the players wiki why you did that and blurting out personal information that some people didn't need to know.Besides you could be the reason everyone is leaving your players wiki rather then minecraft.Tell us it right now Jar, I don't care if you guys ban me.Also Pencil why can you say you were "browsing" and found the other wiki, example A: a comment reply to a blog post on the other wiki called "I've Been Banned" by Lt Commander Theodore Groves.His comment reply: I'm just browsing but, should you be globally banned for underage editing? o_o 4 days ago by Pencil- This is all the proof I have now about now all four of them being unbanned.

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