Idk the name


Bye forever

Direwolves December 17, 2011 User blog:Direwolves

Fake: Today I have just deleted Wizard forever and left the brigade.Dagger I leave you heasmaster of the edyption academy, Emily I love you.I am also not a dagger paine but a son of a pirate lord( if you want to find out more about that ask storm) and thats it.I have quit POTCO I just can't take wager or the EITC anymore.

You can now find me on:

  • Club Penguin/rare
  • Minecraft/common
  • Fusionfall/common
  • LEGO Universe/common un till it is shut down
  • Toontown/common now sense it will be the next game i want to play and finish
  • Wizard101/Only on my friends account when I go to his house

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