Okay; Ive been on for not very long but this wiki's community is not the most functional. The constant bickering in threads. Some of you (Not all). Act like preschoolers. I can't babysit threads 24/7 and then end up being overwhelmed with people like Kwagar being the "Drana queen" he is,starting conflicts with Lord Law. The roleplaying will stop. Since this constantly causes disputes. This isn't kindergarten. The way to stop these constant disputes is

  • 1 walk away from conflict
  • 2 don't just say "OMG EEEWWWW" at things you dislike
  • 3 Let's all close disruptive threads and move on
  • 4 Let's all have a ideal time once every month or two to get together and discuss the wiki.
  • 5 The meme level is out of control let's post PRODUCTIVE article related images.
 I'm not trying to sound like "That brat" but let's all make improvements on the wiki thank you.

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