Hello, users. I have thought long and hard about this. I am leaving Laws brigade. Nobody will stop me. I have no use here. I barely know anyone here. I am done editing, talking, chatting etc. You will not ever bring me here again. If I am needed THAT badly, then summon me on my wall, otherwise forget about me. This will be the last blog. After this, I will take away my rights. If I am desperately needed,summon me on Zenology wiki or Mlp wiki or even Cc. Some of these users, are trolls with the IQ of a brain dead piece of salami. If you are here to troll, that was directed at you. I'm sorry for those that were ACTUALLY my friends. Law, Ben, Ren etc. Those that were assholes, ADIOS. You won't have to troll me anymore. Later and one last thing, don't post memes on my wall.