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Lord Officer
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November 23, 2013
  • I am a wasted life. This is my goodbye.
  • .Moonlight

    Most people have a reason to be depressed.. *sigh* Maybe they lost a job or someone, I don't know. *shrug* But one day I woke up and felt like a shitbag. I just laid down on the couch, dealing with my mother. My parents didn't help at all, my "friends" tried making me do yoga. I pulled my muscles and my ADHD wasn't helping at all. My mom tried that Dōterra shit, it didn't work, besides, how the hell is rubbing plant juice on my ass gonna help? It isn't. I just sat in my favorite chair and stared at the wall all day. I tried hunting but it was just sitting in the bushes waiting for something to kill. I went back to tennis but it was just hitting a ball with a racket. Then that's where I because abusive and sadistic. I'd beat the snot o…

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  • .Moonlight

    Ever went to McDonald's and got a happy meal but didn't get a toy? Well we are the place for you! Shitty's is a high quality restaurant with toys hidden in the food! "Wow, I found a plastic stripper figure in my hotdog"- Actual Customer. Shitty's food is made from toys, shit, and the new rare formula that makes it so shitty, urine. Yes, urine. Better yet, we will add in a buffet of pure goose shit. For a limited time a family dinner will cost $32 , Just a damn $32. Go to Shitty's today!


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  • .Moonlight

    Hello, users. I have thought long and hard about this. I am leaving Laws brigade. Nobody will stop me. I have no use here. I barely know anyone here. I am done editing, talking, chatting etc. You will not ever bring me here again. If I am needed THAT badly, then summon me on my wall, otherwise forget about me. This will be the last blog. After this, I will take away my rights. If I am desperately needed,summon me on Zenology wiki or Mlp wiki or even Cc. Some of these users, are trolls with the IQ of a brain dead piece of salami. If you are here to troll, that was directed at you. I'm sorry for those that were ACTUALLY my friends. Law, Ben, Ren etc. Those that were assholes, ADIOS. You won't have to troll me anymore. Later a…

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  • .Moonlight

    Okay; Ive been on for not very long but this wiki's community is not the most functional. The constant bickering in threads. Some of you (Not all). Act like preschoolers. I can't babysit threads 24/7 and then end up being overwhelmed with people like Kwagar being the "Drana queen" he is,starting conflicts with Lord Law. The roleplaying will stop. Since this constantly causes disputes. This isn't kindergarten. The way to stop these constant disputes is

    • 1 walk away from conflict
    • 2 don't just say "OMG EEEWWWW" at things you dislike
    • 3 Let's all close disruptive threads and move on
    • 4 Let's all have a ideal time once every month or two to get together and discuss the wiki.
    • 5 The meme level is out of control let's post PRODUCTIVE article relat…
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