Unreleased CutlassesEdit

Shadow Cutlass, Forbidden Cutlass
Bane Blade Cutlass, Bane Fire Cutlass, Bane Curse Cutlass
Crimsonfire Cutlass, Emberfire Cutlass
Life Stealer Cutlass, Spirit Stealer Cutlass, Soul Stealer Cutlass

Davy Jones Doll
Special Staff
Jolly Roger's Doll
200px-Shadow cutlass card remake

Unreleased Sea ChartsEdit

None Known.

Unreleased Sea GlobesEdit

None Known.

Unreleased Sea CharmsEdit

Fortune Charm
El Dorado's Charm

Unreleased Sabre'sEdit

Crimsonfire Sabre, Emberfire Sabre
Bane Blade Sabre, Bane Fire Sabre, Bane Curse Sabre
LePorc's Sabre

Unreleased Broadsword'sEdit

Bane Blade Broadsword, Bane Fire Broadsword, Bane Curse Broadsword
Dark Broadsword, Shadow Broadsword, Forbidden Broadsword
Fighter's Broadsword, Savage Broadsword, Warmonger's Broadsword, Warlord's Broadsword, War Master's Broadsword
Lieutenant's Broadsword, Commander's Broadsword, Captain's Broadsword, Vice Admiral's Broadsword
Crimsonfire Broadsword, Emberfire Broadsword
Black Raven Broadsword
Vulture Claw Broadsword
Ignis Maximus
Avaricia's Broadsword
Barbossa's Edge
Nemesis Blade.

Shadow cutlass

Unreleased Pistol'sEdit

Runic Pistol, Warding Pistol, Arcane Pistol
Mercer's Pistol, Beckett's Pistol
Jack Sparrow's Revenge

Unreleased Repeater Pistol'sEdit

EITC Mercenary's Repeater Pistol
Runic Repeater, Warding Repeater, Arcane Repeater
Cabal Repeater, Dark Repeater Pistol, Shadow Repeater Pistol, Forbidden Repeater Pistol

Unreleased BlunderbussesEdit

Runic Blunderbuss, Warding Blunderbuss, Arcane Blunderbuss

Hunter's Blunderbuss, Hired-gun's Blunderbuss, Mercenary's Blunderbuss, Bounty Hunter's Blunderbuss

Unreleased Musket'sEdit

Hotshot Musket, Burnshot Musket, Flameshot Musket, Firebrand Musket
Huntsman's Musket, Gunner's Musket, Rifleman's Musket, Marksman's Musket, Sniper's Musket

Unreleased DollsEdit

Dark Voodoo Doll, Shadow Voodoo Doll, Forbidden Voodoo Doll, Jolly Roger's Doll
Cursed Doll, Tormented Voodoo Doll, Overlord Voodoo Doll, Davy Jones Voodoo Doll
Barbossa Doll
Sao Feng Doll
Tia Dalma's Doll
Jack Sparrow's Voodoo Doll
Jack the Monkey Doll
Elizabeth Swan Doll
Will Turner Doll
Calypso's Radiance

Unreleased Throwing KnifesEdit

Ceremonial Knife, Ritual Knife
Knife of the Blood Idol, Knife of the Jackal Idol, Knife of the Raven Idol, Knife of the War Idol, Knife of the Demon Idol, Knife of the Death Idol
Grim Strike Knife, Blight Strike Knife, Decay Strike Knife, Fatal Strike Knife, Death Strike Knife
Night Hunter Knife, Night Chaser Knife, Night Stalker Knife, Night Predator Knife
Snake Venom Knife,Viper Venom Knife, Copperhead Venom Knife, Mamba Venom Knife, Cobra Venom Knife
Poisoned Knife, Venomous Knife, Toxic Knife, Plague Knife, Dire Knife

Unreleased Dagger'sEdit

None Known.

Unreleased GrenadesEdit

None Known.

Unreleased Staff'sEdit

Haunted Staff, Possessed Staff, Phantom Staff
Skull Staff, Diabolic Staff, Demon Skull Staff
Singed Staff, Charred Staff, Cajun Staff
Spirit Caller Staff, Spirit Burner Staff, Spirit Shredder Staff
Soul Harvester Staff, Soul Reaper Staff, Soul Eater Staff
Anti-venom Staff, Resistance Staff, Regrowth Staff
Staff of Mists, Staff of Rain, Staff of Storms
Boa Staf, Python Staff, Serpent Staff
Misshapen Staff, Twisted Staff, Gnarled Staff, Ancient Staff
Stone Guard Staff, Granite Guard Staff, Earth Guard Staff
Staff of Cleansing, Staff of Purification, Staff of Sacred Rituals
Staff of Protection, Staff of Warding, Staff of Shielding, Staff of Defiance, Staff of Sanctuary
Sage Staff, Ritual Staff, Banishing Staff, Taboo Staff, Exorcism Staff
Staff of the Sacred Owl, Staff of the Sacred Moon, Staff of the Sacred Stars, Staff of the Sacred Sun

Unreleased Spy GlassesEdit

Oriental Spyglass, Golden Spyglass
Merchant's Spyglass, Smuggler's Spyglass, Rumrunner's Spyglass, Thieves Spyglass, Raider's Spyglass
Quarter Master's Spyglass, Conquistador's Spyglass, First Mate's Spyglass, Captain's Spyglass, Commodore's Spyglass, Mariner's Spyglass, Lieutenant's Spyglass, Commander's Spyglass, Admiral's Spyglass
Sea Dog's Spyglass, Swashbuckler's Spyglass, Buccaneer's Spyglass, Pirate's Spyglass, Privateer's Spyglass, Corsair's Spyglass
Mercenary's Spyglass, Bounty Hunter's Spyglass, Warmonger's Spyglass
Navy Spyglass
Singaporean Spyglass
Trading Company Spyglass
Officer's Spyglass
Black Guard's Spyglass
Davy Jones's Spyglass
Beckett's Spyglass
Norrington's Spyglass
Barbossa's Spyglass
Jack Sparrow's Spyglass

Unreleased Cannon Ram'sEdit

Man-o-War Cannon Ram

Juggernaut Cannon Ram

Cerberus Cannon Ram

Storm Reaper Cannon Ram

Shadow Crow Cannon Ram

Sponge Cannon Ram

Spectral Cannon Ram

Possessed Cannon Ram

Wicked Cannon Ram

Copper Ladle Cannon Ram

Rotten Cannon

Burnt Cannon Ram

Charred Cannon Ram

Unreleased ClothingEdit

Individual Clothing ItemsEdit


Ginko Glug

Orange Tricorne, Skull Tricorne


Patched Bandana, Zigzag Bandana, Purple Bandana, Bohemian Bandanas, Recruit Bandana

Crossbones Cap, Crossbone Beanie

Purple Ostrich Hat, Blue Ostrich Hat, Red Ostrich Hat

Purple Band, Bohemian Band, Patched Band, Zigzag Band, Crossbones Band

Blue Cavalry Hat, Green Cavalry Hat, Butterfly Cavalry Hat

Simple Bonnet

Redcoat Hat

Violet French Hat

Brown Bicorne

Brown Gaucho

Embossed Cabaset

Leather Cavalier, Gray Cavalier

Black Parade Hat, Red Parade Hat

Gold Conquistador

Blue Stocking Cap, Green Stocking Cap, Gold Stocking Cap, Red Stocking Cap, Polar Stocking Cap, Violet Stocking Cap, Cotton Stocking Cap, Yellow Stocking Cap

Green Orange Party Hat, Pink Party Hat, Orange Green Party Hat, Sky Blue Party Hat, Purple Yellow Party Hat

Black Stove Hat, Blue Stove Hat

Green Buccaneer Hat, Fancy Buccaneer Hat, Crimson Buccaneer Hat, Mottled Buccaneer Hat

Coats for Both GendersEdit

Navy Red Coat, EITC Black Coat

Male CoatsEdit

None known.

Female CoatsEdit

Improvised Riding Coat, Victorian Riding Coat, Royalist Riding Coat, Adventure Riding Coat with Trim

Tourist Frock Coat, "Borrowed" Frock Coat, Tailored Frock Coat

Male VestsEdit

Uniform Vest, Merchant Vest, Performer's Vest, Bank Vest

Female VestsEdit

None known.


Light Blue Laced Corset

Light Yellow Corset

Male ShirtsEdit

Mariner Tank, Improvised Tank, Manly Tank, Indentured Tank, Stitched Tank, Frilly Tank, Shield Tank, Crested Tank

Laced Short Sleeve, Tied Short Sleeve, Flap Short Sleeve, Fleet Short Sleeve

Governor's Ex-Shirt, Mayor's Shirt, Open Cotton Shirts, Renaissance Shirt, Leather Puffy Shirt, Merchant Shirt, Cinco De Mayo Shirt, Caribbean Day Shirt, Carnival Shirt, Winter Solstice Shirt

Laced Long Sleeve, Tied Long Sleeve, Fleet Long Sleeve, Recruit Long Sleeve, Cotton Open Long Sleeve

Female ShirtsEdit

City Top, Villa Top, Merchant Top, Florid Top, Lace Trim Top

Collar Puff Blouse, Sky Blouse, Festival Blouse, Caribbean Day Blouse, Cinco De Mayo Blouse, Carnival Blouse, Winter Solstice Blouse, Shopkeeper Blouse

Brown Apron, Dirty Apron, Gypsy Blouse, Bartender Blouse, Barmaid Blouse

Male BeltsEdit

Trimmed Sash, Pink Sash, Red Sash

Top Skull Belt, Proud Belt, Round Belt, Knockoff Proud Belt, Top Skull Knockoff Belt

Female BeltsEdit

Brass Square Belt, Gold Square Belt

Pants for Both GendersEdit

Navy Pants, EITC Pants

Male PantsEdit

Dingy Shorts, Beach Shorts, Cotton Shorts, Buckled Shorts, Swim Shorts, Explorer Shorts, Canvas Shorts, Beach Comber Shorts, Ocean Shorts, Bag Shorts, Boxers, Swamp Shorts, Buttoned Shorts

Grey Green Breeches

Green Silk Trousers

Female PantsEdit

Fancy Light Brown Shorts, Jungle Shorts, Casual Shorts, Old Royal Shorts, Midnight Shorts, Cherry Shorts

Pea Soup Skirt, Tropic Skirt, Princess Skirt

Tavern Apron, Dark Apron

Gypsy Skirt, Gypsy Grunge Skirt, Bartender Skirt, Shopkeeper Skirt

Shoes for Both GendersEdit

Navy Boots

EITC Boots

Male ShoesEdit

Mountain Boots, Serious Boots, Spiffy Boots, Hiking Boots

Female ShoesEdit

Corinthian Ankle Boots

Boardwalk Boots, Peasant Boots, Stitch Boots, Field Boots, Plantation Boots, Tryst Boots

Peddler SetsEdit

Note: The names of the below Peddler Sets are conjectural. They are simply based on their file names in the Phase Files.


Carnival Day

Caribbean Day

Winter Solstice

Cinco de Mayo

Unreleased JewelryEdit


Golden Brow Ring Spike, Silver Brow Ring Spike


Golden Ear Small Loop

Golden Ear Cuff, Silver Ear Cuff


Golden Double Nose Spike with Loop, Silver Double Nose Spike with Loop


None known.


Silver Amethist Ring, Silver Sapphire Ring

Golden Knuckles, Silver Knuckles

Unreleased Ship'sEdit

  • Carrack

Other Unreleased StuffEdit

Unreleased Blades Of Unknown TypeEdit

Heart of Padres del Fuego
Lost Sword of El Dorado
Lost Blade of Calypso
Jack Sparrow's Blade
Sword of Quetzalcoatl
Montezuma's Blade

Unreleased Scar'sEdit

Coming Soon...

Unreleased staff3
Unreleased staff2
Unreleased weapon1
Unreleased weapons
Unreleased staff
Unreleased staff4
Unreleased weapon2

Unreleased TattoosEdit

Coming Soon...

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