Unidentified B1 Battle Droid Commander (Ambush on Felucia)Edit

Unidentified B1 Battle Droid Commander (Ambush on Felucia) is a B1 Battle Droid Commander that was Stationed inside Crix's Outpost During The Ambush on Felucia. The B1 Battle Droid Commander was Around when lawrence and the colorfull company were ambushed outside of Crix's Outpost. The B1 Battle Droid Commander Also was around When Crix Exohusker Interrogated Law. He was also Present Outside Leading the Defense againt Eeth Koth And Shaak Ti. He was in a AAT (Armored Assault Tank) With 2 Other Battle Droids. He Was Destroyed When Jedi Master Shaak Ti Opened Up The Tank (Using The Force) Lifted Him up (Using The Force) and Stabbed The B1 commander with her lightsaber.

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