Unam QuillioEdit

Unam Quillio Is a former jedi master who now lives on Brigade Island in Brigade City.

General Unam Quillio

Unam Quillio

Attack on Brigade CityEdit

When Dr. Vanshoof (A mad scientist) lost it and went crazy, he decided (vanshoof) to make two Assassin droids to try and destroy Brigade Island and murder everyone on the island, of course "everyone" meant him too so the droids killed him first, then they moved on and started terrorizing Brigade City. That is when Unam and Lawrence Blasterpaine where sent in to Put an end to all the killing, when the droids where captured instead of destroying them Quillio being the tech guy he is, decided to reprogram them to Protect instead of kill, so now the two droids roam brigade city protecting the civilians from any impending attacks.

Bringing new life to the IslandEdit

On October 4rth 2012 Tapassa Isle's Volcano errupted again, just in time unam came to tapassa to rescue some of the remaining survivors and bring them back to Brigade Island for their new homes. Quillio was thanked endlessly by these devasted villagers.

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