Law's brigade is a good united community. We have had alot of good memories through the time of fighting the eitc to fighting vampires on clone wars. We have had a good over 1 year of law's brigade. All of our users used to be active and we always talked and had fun. but now we have started to stop playing games together, we lost about 9 users that we were active with and law i know i shouldnt of banned you but personally the brigades golden age is darkend we are now creating pages about stuff that doesnt have to do with the brigade. Law i now its hard but we have lots tons of people gone and we are inactive and i know you just tryed to bring the edits up alot but i think its time for the brigade to retire that doesnt mean we cant all meet up sometimesbut the brigade i think is finished

Messages to all users

Wizard375~ i have known you pretty much since the brigade was created and even though we picked our fights it was still a good time.

Lord law~ i have tryed to do this brigade thing a while but its just gone inactive but it was a fun time

Raven and other harry potter users ~ yall did make chat sure interesting and were another 3 users who would join our community.

David~ it was fun having  you in the guild and when you used to come to chat

Mark~ lol i remember when we used to all play potco and go chasing the Eitc.

fenny~ it was nice to meet a new recruit to the brigade i wish you luck

Jimmy~ lol you used the be one of the most active in the chat and the first person i talked to when registering,

Spongeytube~ i didnt really get to meet you but nice talking to you

Jarod~ i remember when this guild used to be allies with you

Thank you all for making this one of the best times i had and this is the last time i may use this but

~Walker out~

P.S. if you leave comment i will try to respond

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