tim dookoEdit

tim dooko is a soldier in law's brigade (CWA Version).

Betraying the brigadeEdit

6/24/2013... Law and tim were talking when all of the sudden he just dropped out of the brigade and removed law as a friend, then started screaming, swearing and telling his friends to kill law. of course nobody listened to him and when law asked why he did that all he got was the silent treatment.


tim clawseer


tim dooko

Interesting Fact'sEdit

  • His father is Count Dooku
  • He Owns a savage opress' lightsaber
  • He has 2 Players: tim dooko & tim clawseer.
  • He has his own room in the brigade Mansion.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Rank 1: Member
  • Rank 2: Junior Officer
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Clone (tim dooko) & Twi'lek (tim clawseer).

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