The Wizard Club
A few WC members in Wizard101.

Led by:

User:Raven Potter


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The Wizard ClubEdit

The Wizard Club is a group of magical beings lead by Raven Lily Potter. Together, they fight for the well-being of the Wizarding World and all the demensions that go with it. It was started in 2009 and still continues to be the leading group of protectors of the Wizarding World. Its member include the following:

  • Son of Sparda|Vergil, Son of Sparda
  • Potter|Raven Potter
  • Harry Potter
  • Son of Sparda|Dante, Son of Sparda
  • Loki (Yes, Thor's brother)
  • Marck Swordstalker
  • Wizard
  • Emily Darkvane Sparrow (now known as Emily Deathstone, Daughter of Malistaire)
  • Lt. Commander Theodore Groves/The Doctor
  • Darth Noonrider
  • Rose Sharkskull
  • Obi-wan Kenobi
  • Molly O'Hara
  • Anakin Skywalker (okay we kinda screwed with the Star Wars timeline)
  • Cass Lifeblossom
  • Erica Lifeblossom
  • Ryan
  • Samuel
  • Ryan
  • Brandon
  • Andrew
  • Rebecca Estacado
  • Sally Estacado
  • Jackie Estacado
  • James Bishop
  • Sarah Jadestone
  • Taylor Rosestone
  • Monica Dreamshard
  • (Good side of Angel) Savannah Icebreeze
  • Damien Thorn
  • Delia Thorn
  • Zarissena Menethil
  • Isaac Lahey
  • Stiles Stillinski