The Twilight War, Or perhaps more popularly known as The Vampire War, was a six month period war between The Brigade and The Vampire Empire.

How It All StartedEdit

One day Lawrence just decided to teleport to one of his friends who happened to be ashley sidestation, he then found himself outside a huge Castle, which he slowly and cautiously entered the castle. He heard voices so he followed them until he found himself in a huge throne room, right away he noticed there were bats everywhere, and several people with red eyes, but before he could say anything ashley (who happened to be right behind him the entire time) bit him and once his "Transformation" was complete he was forced into service as ashleys bodyguard and right hand man. One Month later Life Wiz (Wizard) made a potion and forced law to drink it, turning him back to his normal HUMAN self. He then went straight back to the castle and declared war on the empire.


Law's Brigade:

The Vampire Empire:

Other's Involved:


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