Pirate's Gold

Nelly's Cursed Gold

The Treasure Of Cangrejos Is a Quest you can get when after you become a brigadier.

Chapter 1:Woodruff

You need to Bribe Woodruff, because he know's where The Treasure be Buried on Cangrejos.

Part 1:Bribing Woodruff

1.Visit Woodruff.

+100 Notoriety Points

Woodruff: Yes, I Know Where The Treasure Be Buried. But First You Need To Do Some Errand's For Me. Please Go Fight Off Some Of Those... Undead French For Me, Would Ya?

Part 2:Undead French

Woodruff Requests That You Defeat Some Undead French In Order For Him To Tell You Where The Treasure Is Hidden.

1.Defeat 3 Undead French Quartermaster's.

2.Defeat 3 Undead French Maitres.

3.Defeat 3 Undead French Liuetenant's.

4. Defeat 3 Undead French Captain's.

After All The Skeleton's Are Defeated Then Return To Woodruff.

+ 100 Gold.

Part 3: Woodruff Does Not Know!?

Woodruff: Sorry Mate, I Don't Know where The Treasure Be... But on the Bright Side I Know who Does! Visit Dog Lockgrim on Outcast Isle.

Chapter 2: Dog Lockgrim

Dog Lockgrim REALLY Know's Where The Treasure Is Buried, Pay Him A Visit And Ask Him Where It Is.

Part 1: Visiting Lockgrim.

1.Visit Dog Lockgrim.

+ 100 Gold

Dog Lockgrim: Yes I Do Know Where It Be Buried, And I'll Tell Ye If, Ye Tell A Couple Of Me Ol' Friend's That Im Alive And At Outcast Isle. Would Ye? - Lockgrim Hands You A List Of His Friend's - Thanks, Mate.

Part 2:Bastien Craven

1. Visit Bastien Craven.

+ 100 Gold.

Bastien Craven: Lockgrim Sent Ye? Well let Him Know Im Alright Too And at Rumrunner's Isle. - Bastien Hands You A Tonic - Here's a Lil' Somthin' for Yer Trouble. + 1 Mystic Water

Part 3:Back To Lockgrim.

1. Visit Dog Lockgrim.

Dog Lockgrim: He Said He's At Rumrunner's? Interesting... Now Continue With The List Please.

+ 100 Gold

Part 4: John Smith

1.Visit John Smith.

John Smith: Dog.......... Oh Yes Dog Lockgrim! Alright I Understand...

+ 100 Gold

Part 5: Timothy Darten

1.Visit Timothy Darten.

Timothy Darten: Dog Lockgrim!? HAHAHAHA!!! Foolish Little Brigadier, I Do Not Care About Dog Lockgrim!!! All I Care About Is Killing You!!!

2.Defeat Timtohy Darten.

3. Return To Dog Lockgrim.

Dog Lockgrim: Alright Since You've Done What I Asked I'll Tell Ye Where The Treasure Be Buried... Go To Isla Cangrejos And Dig Near The Devourer Crab Boss.

Chapter 3:The Treasure Of Cangrejos

Dog Lockgrim Has Told You Where To Dig, So Go Dig So You Can Find The Treasure Of Cangrejos!

Part 1: Finding The Right Dig Spot.

1. Look For The Dig Spot By The Devourer Crab Boss.

+100 Notoriety Point's

Part 2: Dig!!!

1. Dig Up The Treasure.

+1000 Gold

+1000 Notoriety Points

Inside The Chest

  • 1,000,000,000 Gold
  • Worn Cutlass
  • Flintlock Pistol
  • Soa Feng Portrait
  • The Skull Of An Undead Frenchman
  • Sea Dog's Bayonet
  • 2 Bottles Of Rum
  • Travler's Vest
  • 100 Pieces Of Nelly's Cursed Gold
  • "Cangrejos Loot" Userbox
    Screenshot 2011-10-20 17-06-30

    Lawrence Digging Up The Treasure.