The Paradoxian War


An Unspecified date, sometime before September 13, 2011‎


November 2011


All over Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Wikia.


The Paradox wins.


When Captain Leon was overthrown by Samuel Redbeard, Leon was a huge ally of The Paradox and so The Paradox took action and declared war against thee East India Trading Company.


The Paradox

East India Trading Company

Other's Involved

Documented Event'sEdit

This is a list of all the known recorded Paradoxian War events on this wiki.


  • This war was thee most dangerous and brutal war in POTCO Roleplay History.
  • The Paradoxian War impacted an estimated 10,000 indirectly, and in POTCO terms, costed the lives of over 1,000 soldiers, and 4,000 civilians. And in Roleplay terms, assuming POTCO had around 50,000-60,000 players at the time, The Paradoxian War consumed the lives of over five million people.

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