The Migoland Brigade Police Department was a special police force in Migoland, It was led by lord law. The department dealed with Law-Breakers. The migoland brigade police department is basically the laws brigade migoland version.


  • LordLaw ~ Head Of The Department
  • Greg123456789 ~ Police Officer
  • boby ~ Police Officer
  • ryan21 ~ Police Officer
  • Justin92853 ~ Lieutenant
  • immrmonkey ~ Police Officer
  • hussien9999 ~ Police Officer
  • helloo ~ Police Officer
  • Bloomwinx ~ Police Officer
  • David354 ~ Police Officer
  • Romanul1 ~ Police Officer
  • u4eva ~ Police Officer
  • jackson2104 ~ Police Officer


  • Main HQ ~ Law's Castle
  • Main Base ~ hussien's Island & Pirate Ship


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