The Mandalorian Guild

The Mandalorian Guild Is One Of The Brigade's Main 2 Enemy's. This page Contain's the Guild's Information, And Everything we know About Mandalorian Guild.

Basic Information

The Mandalorian Guild, also known as the "Mando Ver'verd'tsad" in Mando'a, was a organization of Mandalorian mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins and soldiers, that operated as a mercenary unit.

The Guild was formed during the Clone Wars under the image of the True Mandalorians which had influenced the founder of the Guild, Aloquar Ordo.

Base's, Hideout's, Houses, Forts, Etc, Etc, Etc...

  • House Cabur
  • House Verd

Known Location's

  • Umbara
  • Iceberg Three
  • Numerous Other Location's...


Current Leader

The mandalorian guild soldier's

Mandalorian Guild Soldier's


  • Mando'a
  • Galactic Basic (English)

Known Member's

  • Aloquar Ordo ~ Leader
  • Doc Skirata ~ General
  • Jango Powercloaker ~ Unknown Rank
  • Jaws Ordo ~ Commander
  • Jazz Aryxcharger ~ Commander
  • Mercenary ~ Unknown Rank
  • Orric Snowbolts ~ General
  • Slick Beviin ~ Unknown Rank
  • Xitra Darkstar ~ Unknown Rank
  • Hale Coldswoop ~ Warrior
  • Dovahkiin ~ Warrior
  • Kendo ~ Commander
  • Joboe Fett ~ General
  • Awsome Polix ~ General
  • Philippe Mustafar ~ Commander
  • Ruyn ~ Warrior
  • Barin Walon ~ Warrior
  • Brand Shadowjunker ~ Warrior
  • Rage Ordo ~ Unknown Rank
  • Mirta Brokar ~ Unknown Rank

Former Member's

Command Hierarchy

  • Mandalorian Guild Leader
  • High Mandalorian General
  • Senior Mandalorian General
  • Mandalorian General
  • Mandalorian Commander
  • Mandalorian Warrior
  • Mandalorian Recruit


Current Status: Enemy Of Law's Brigade

Mandalorian Guild Symbol

Their Website


The Mandalorian Guild


The Mandalorian Guild On Ryloth

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