The Fugitive DefenderEdit


The Fugitive Defender under the light of a cursed moon.

The Fugitive Defender
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Port(s) of registry:

Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego


Emily Stormrage


Emily Stormrage


War Brig, customized sails and speed.


Law's Brigade

Lastman Standing

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Repairing the Fugitive. Perfect score on hammering!

Emily Stormrage 's main ship is known as the Fugitive Defender. The name "Fugitive Defender" has been around for many years and Emily has always used this name for her main ship. The current ship known as the Fugitive Defender is a War Brig with customized sails. It can be recognized for its red sails with a fire emblem emblazoned prominently on each sail.

As a very independent pirate, Emily uses her ships as an extension of her weapons. The ability she prizes most in her ships is always their speed and manueverability. The Fugitive Defender is highly manueverable and able to outpace many enemies especially when coupled with friendly winds. The Fugitive Defender was the main ship used in the SVS Battle.

The Renegade DefenderEdit

The Renegade Defender is the sister ship to the Fugitive Defender. It is a war sloop with red sails and fire emblems that match the sails of the Fugitive Defender. This ship is good for getting multiple places, especially when Emily was in a hurry or trying to escape from multiple enemies. Although slightly faster than the Fugitive Defender, its defenses are not as strong and the cargo load is quite a bit less. Good for transport and escape, but not good for pillaging and plundering. 

Renegade Defender about to dock at Kingshead.

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