"You shall stay as my slave until you are dead!" -- Tanus to Colin Bellcamp.


Tanus was a slaver during the Clone Wars.


Full Name:






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Tanus enslaved Colin Bellcamp during the Clone Wars. Tanus took away Colin's two lightsabers before he could do anything about it. Tanus locked Colin inside his house so Colin could not escape. Tanus made colin buy him stuff and work non-stop. Tanus also made Colin actually eat dirt for meals. Colin could not fight back because Tanus had henchmen surrounding him all the time. Colin would call for help constantly but Tanus would lock the door so no one could save Colin. Once in a GREAT while Tanus would let Colin go for some reason, but not for very long. 

Lawrence And MarckEdit

One of the times that Tanus let Colin go, Colin bumped into Law and Maxx Jotz, they all quickly became friends. Colin told them about Tanus and Law and Marck both vowed to kill Tanus.

Colin's EscapeEdit

Eventually Tanus accidently left the door to his house open when he left, after he left Colin quickly ran broke into Tanus' armory and took his two lightsabers back. After that Colin quickly bolted out the door of Tanus' house and ran like the wind.


"i shall win like last time and this time you will not be my slave. this time you shall die!!!"

One day after Colin escaped, Tanus tracked him down and found him. Tanus attacked Colin with his two lightsabers. They lightsaber dueled for a while, then Colin quickly stabbed Tanus in the head. Tanus' body then fell lifelessly to the ground.

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