Swift foot glitchEdit

The swift foot glitch is a popular glitch in POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online), Perhaps even the most well known glitch in pirates...

How to do this glitchEdit

Ok so you need at least 5 Swift Foots and it does not matter what kind it is (it can be swift foot, swift foot II, Swift Foot III it does not really matter) once you have all 5 of one kind of swift foot go to your inventory (Hit I) then go to your potions, click and drag the swift foot potions over your "Drink Potion" button, then as FAST as you can, Click, click, click, click, click and start jumping.

NOTE: This glitch will stop when you log out.

PVP IslandEdit

Pvp Island is a glitch accesible by this glitch, to get to this glitch you need to have the swift foot glitch enabled, when it is go to PvP (Pirate vs Pirate) Then jump over the walls and search for a cave, once you find this cave go into it. This will take you to Pvp Island.

NOTE: You may ONLY leave the island if you log out.


  • People who use this alot are often refered to as "Jumpers".
  • Jumpers also use this to their advantage in PvP against other players.

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