The Staff of Armadyl is an extremely powerful weapon, powerful enough to throw the entire Caribbean into complete chaos and destruction. According to folklore the Staff was created by a god named Armadyl, who used the staff to create voodoo itself. The staff was said to be created sometime during the first age of the caribbean. It was found amongst the remains of a Spanish galleon, the Señor Vinchenzo de la Madrid by an english explorer in 1418. The Staff was passed down generation, by generation until it finally reached Samuel Redbeard, who kept the staff for himself and used it for Black Magic purposes and as his secret power against all those who opposed him. Samuel used the staff to kill Chris Daggerpaine after he failed to uncover, retrieve and bring back important Law's Brigade plans, secrets and documents. The Staff of Armadyl was eventually destroyed during the Second Battle of Cuba.

Staff of Armadyl

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