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The Sea Conqueror is Marck Swordstalker's War Galleon. It is a ship in the game Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

  • Ship Type: War Galleon


  • Marck Swordstalker: The Captain
  • Law's Brigade members and/or cannoeer´s
  • Marck's friends and his crew.
  • Four total pirates can repair the ship at once.
  • Broadsides: 18
  • Cannons: 10
  • Max Cargo: 22
  • Maximum Shipmates: 10
  • Upgrades: Cargo Upgrade I

       The ship unfortunatly caught on fire and the powder stores blew up as POTCO was closed, she sank beneath the waves but luckly the captain and some crew lived to tell the tale.

See also: Battle Aboard the Sea Conquerer and Marck Swordstalker.

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