"What is the East India Trading Company doing in the Caribbean?"
"Well, we are East of India. Just the long way around. After all, when goods do not cross borders, then armies will.
" -- Lord Samuel Harrington and Pearson Wright

Samuel RedbeardEdit

"Under my rule, we cannot fall."

Samuel Redbeard was the old Leader and Lord Marshal of the East India Trading Company until he was Honorably Discharged for "Abusing his powers".

Samuel Redbeard

Full Name:

Samuel Harrington Redbeard





Eye Color:


Hair Color:







East India Trading Company

Co. Black Guard

Legendary Co.

Black Officers

Beckett's Elites


Captain Leon


Johnny Goldtimbers

Samuel TodayEdit

As of today, Samuel Harrington is leading the Co. Black Guard guild, and the leader of the EITC, and the EITC Black Guard. He can often be found hanging around Lord Giratina Origin Forme, or Lord Johnny Goldtimbers. Currently, he has two children, who must remain un-named. Samuel is part of the Co. Black Guard guild, which he founded and made. He is friends with many of the other great leaders of the game, including John Breasly (his nephew), and Francis Bluehawk, and Jack Swordmenace. Samuel is currently in possession of the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas, making him a near god-like model. Do not test him, he will kill you, given the chance. Samuel has been studying up on Chaos Magick, which is some of the strongest magic out there, to increase his magical knowledge. Today, he still upholds the title of Lord Marshal and Master of the East India Trading Company. Samuel is also currently at war with Spain, and promises to destroy every living creature in the country if they do not stand down. He is an arch-nemesis of Gaius Julius Caesar, but, as many know him, Pearson Wright.


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