There are certain terms and conditions users must agree to before using chat. Chat is a privilege, not a right or requirement.

Users must:

  • Maintain a certain level of respect towards others
  • Change the topic if asked to by a majority of users

Users can't:

  • Use reccurring profanity
  • Insult other users
  • "Nuke" Chat
  • Spam Chat
  • Link scare sites

User can't discuss certain topics. These topics are: 

  • Pornography
  • Possibly scarring experiences
  • Sexual terms in detail
  • Others personal information
  • Religious topics

If any scarring images are linked, the user will be automatically banned. 

Depending on the severity of the case, bans will be different lengths. 

Reason 1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning 4th Warning
Reccurring disrespect Kick Two hour ban Three day chat ban One week ban
Profanity Kick Kick or chat ban (three days if case is severe) One day chat ban or week chat ban Week chat ban or monthly
Spam Kick One day chat ban Three day chat ban Week chat ban

Linking inappropriate material

Three day chat ban One week chat ban One month chat ban Infinite chat ban
Giving away personal information Depending on severity

Depending on severity

Depending on severity Depending on severity
Trolling Two hour chat ban One week chat ban One month Six months chat ban
Staff ONLY: Abuse of rights Warning Warning Warning Demotion and block (if case is severe)

Staff are only permitted to ban for longer amounts of time if the case is severe. 

Any user who exceeds the 4th warning will have any rights taken away AND will be permanently chat banned OR recieve a longer ban. 

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