The Following are LBW (Law's Brigade Wiki) Rules, these rules also apply in chat.

1. No sexual language and/or reference to it.

2. No harassment.

3. No inappropriate usernames.

4. No spamming - Spamming includes typing long and meaningless words, and or spamming with emotes.

5. No Vandalism - No greifing pages/messing them up, No removing all or some content from a page that is not yours.

6. No "Nuking" the Chat.

7. No Adding Inappropriate links - Adding inappropriate links is not allowed no matter what the reason is.



Every time you break one of these rules you will be given a strike, below shows what each strike means.

One Strike = Warning

Two Strikes = Another Warning

Three Strikes = Last Warning

Four Strikes = Ban for one day

Five Strikes = Ban For three days

Six Strikes = Ban for one week

Seven Strikes = Ban for two weeks

Eight Strikes = Ban for a month

Nine Strikes = Ban for a year or so

(Depends on how bad the rule was broken)

Ten Stikes = Infinite Ban


  • Strikes may or may not apply for everybody.
  • Every week the first three strikes are wiped off the grid and users are given a clean slate.
  • Say if a user has is on his ninth strike and he/she is unbanned, if he/she has good                                    behavior and follows the rules for at least one week his/her strikes and past strikes will also                  be cleared and the said user will be given a fresh start.

         And as far as chat goes:

  • KICK is permitted as a warning; people who are kicked can come back on chat straight after.
  • BAN is only permitted after a user gets a certain number of strikes needed due to breaking the rules above.