Resh CannonwielderEdit

Resh Cannonwielder is the leader and founder of The Police Squad & The Police Navy.


Resh Cannonwielder

Before the police squadEdit

Before the police squad resh was a non member Twi'lek, Law & Resh would always hang out together and normally lightsaber duel eachother.

Assassination AttemptEdit

One day while law and Wizard were at the old felucian HQ, the police squad came and started swarming the building, Law and wizard asked what was going on and resh said that he recieved an anonymous tip that someone was going to assassinate Law and that they had 1 hour to try and save him. So law built a safe house where nobody could get in, meanwhile little did they know that 3 people had entered the building, one of them pertending to be a member of the police squad said that he got locked out, so law opened to door only to find 3 people holding sniper rifles, immediatly the police squad reacted and shot 2 of the men down, the 3rd dropped his weapon and was handed over to the squad. Later that day Resh told law and wizard that the man had escaped.


  • The Police Squad - Leader
  • The Police Navy - Leader
  • THE Police Navy - Leader

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