The Red Resistance was a rebellion guild founded by Samuel Firehawk to oppose the East India Trading Company and the rest of England's Officials. 

Red Resistance


Samuel Firehawk


Samuel Firehawk

Richard Treasureswine


Head Quarters:

Padres Del Fuego

A New LeaderEdit

After many battles including The Battle of Telltale HQ where The Order of Nautillus and the AAIG aided the Red Resistance against EITC forces, The Order of Nautillus were then betrayed and forced to leave their shared base. After The Order of Nautillus and The AAIG were gone, Samuel had trouble holding off the EITC and eventually gave up, resigned and left Richard Treasureswine in charge.


"Firehawk made the resistance to FIGHT THE EITC, to be it's eternal enemy and you have literally turned it into the exact opposite of what he wanted you to do. YOU HAVE TURNED IT INTO EITC, You should be ashamed. You have made Sam's death vain." -- Halle to Richard Treasureswine.

After about three months later, Treasureswine went out of control with power, even to the point where his own soldiers began to question his leadership. One day he was confronted by Halle, his second in command of the guild and co-guildmaster. Halle and Richard began to fight, leading to Halle resigning. Mad with power, Richard declared war on Nautillus and several other guilds against the East India Trading Company, only to join the EITC himself later on. Halle returned after this and claimed leadership of the guild, this however did not last very long and Halle was murdered by Richard Treasureswine later on, after this the Red Resistance slowly began to crumble and fade away.                                                                                                           The Red Resistance was no more.

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