Raxxum is a former Mandalorian Guild Member and an Enemy Of Law's Brigade. Wanted posters have been released Around the Galaxy For Raxxum.





Raxxum Tos was born on Shili 18 Galactic Standard Years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. In her early years, Raxxum was capable of manipulating objects with the Force. As her parents feared for the day that the Jedi would come to take their first child, they moved into a small village outside of Corvala, capital of Shili. As the years past the Jedi had not come; there was no record of her in the Kyber Crystal.

Shortly before the Clone Wars had begun, there may not have been the droids, but mercenaries from across the galaxy were still there to cause terror throughout the galaxy. Several of these terrorists, had gone to Shili, where they raided the homes of hundreds of Togruta. After the massacre of her parents, Rayvenna and Drex Tos, young Raxxum had found a Jedi sent by the Republic to rid Corvala of the terrorists. This Jedi was Master Tyler Sparkshaker. He had noticed Raxxum had no family and took her to Coruscant; to become a Jedi

Raxxum Gelvan Wanted Poster

Raxxum's Wanted Poster.

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