this is a short mini series on potco that did not actually happen.

so far we only have summarys

table of contents

  • 1 eitc royal battle
  • 2 guild island battle
  • 3 sea chase
  • 4 battle on padres del fuago
  • 5 catacombs combat


victor: eitc

where: boiling bay

when: after padres invasion

what happened: after invasion members of the birgade set out to sink some eitc, they immediately engaged an eitc royal (ship-of-the-line) birgade defeated, emily darkhound and walker are captured, rescue attempt successful, walker joins eitc.

26 vs 30. 30 wins


victor: birgade

where: guild island

when: shortly after the rescue attempt

what happened: the birgade runs away and eitc chases. the eitc defeated the army dragon, invades island, gets defeated because birgade knows the lay of the land.

180 vs 100. 100 wins.


victor: birgade

where: between guild island and padres

when: just after guild island battle

what happened: sea chase. fastest ships for birgade chasing all eitc.

some eitc sunk

40 boats vs 20 boats. 20 wins... sort of.

to be continued