Outcast IsleEdit

Outcast Isle is one of the many islands in the caribbean, preassumably called Outcast Isle because of its two human inhabitants who are most likely outcasts.. Players need to go to this island for the black pearl quest, the staff quest, the driftwood quest and the Adoria family quest. Outcast is also notable for one of its bosses (the only permanent boss on the island) Devil Root, who is guarded by two Ancient flytraps and if defeated occasionally drops colorful clothing or famed. The famous dog from Pirates of the caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead mans chest and Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End can be found on this island, and is only accessible by a secret glitch. The entire island is inhabited by wild hostile Corrupt Stumps, Twisted stumps and ancient flytraps.


Outcast isle on one of the old loading screens.

Screenshot 2013-09-18 23-49-35

Sailing to outcast

Enemy's, Bosses and NPC'sEdit


  • Corrupt Stump ~ Lv. 28-35
  • Twisted Stump ~ Lv. 33-40
  • Ancient Flytrap ~ Lv. 28-35

Old Enemy's:

  • Dread Scorpion ~ Lv. 13-19


Permanent Bosses:

You can always find these bosses here.

  • Devil Root - Twisted Stump Boss ~ Lv. 33-40

Temporary Bosses:

These bosses randomly appear.

  • Rip Tail - Corrupt Stump Boss ~ Lv. 28-35
  • Bowbreaker - Corrupt Stump Boss ~ Lv. 28-35
  • Silent Stinger - Twisted Stump Boss ~ Lv. 33-40
  • Swamp Terror - Ancient Fly Trap Boss ~ Lv. 28-35


  • Dog Lockgrim
  • Maggie Rigrage
  • Dog

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