Nova Corporation

Nova Corporation, not to be confused with Nova Corp, was a private security and droid manufacturing company aligned with the Separatists during the Clone Wars and for some years prior. It was led by Xalandra Nova, with General Dahntalon Golbrek as chief commander for its security forces.

Nova Corporation Is An Enemy Of Law's Brigade.



  • Xalandra Nova: (aka the Mistress, Lady Xalandra, Lady Nova) was the overall leader of the Nova Corporation. Nova was, in reality, a mastermind villainess responsible for the dark machinations that occurred behind the scenes to corrupt the minds of her foes and fuel the workings of the Corporate Alliance, Banking Clan, and Commerce Guild.
  • Security Chief Dahntalon Golbrek: A quick-witted and sharp-tongued Chandrilan, Golbrek was the man in charge of all security operations. His loyalty to the Nova Corporation was unquestioned.

Known Member's

  • Xalandra Nova ~ Leader
  • Dahntalon Golbrek ~ Security Cheif
  • Dureena Nova ~ Unknown Rank
  • Lucas Valor ~ Unknown Rank
  • Senkai ~ Unknown Rank
  • Arcgeneral awesome ~ Unknown Rank

Former Member's

  • Vasto Magcrier (Roger Decksteel(Mikhail Volkov)) ~ King/Senator
  • Celerek Ionwelder ~ Unknown Rank


  • The MONS (Ministry Of Neutral Systems)
  • Celrek Bactalighter's Squad


  • Law's Brigade
  • Warriors Of Peace
  • The Ancient Order
  • skywalker0992's Squad
  • Commando Purple's Squad
  • Clone Assassin Squad
  • Master Steve's Squad
  • Republic Marine Havoc Squad
  • Jacen55's Rebellion

Branches And Their Function's

The following list is a summary of the branches of Nova Corporation:

  • Security: The security branch of Nova Corporation was the original branch. Nova Corporation started as a security company for multiple agencies. It retained this security for much of the war, but mainly for its members and, by extension, alliances. All Nova Corp members could be called upon for security duty at a moment's notice.
  • Trade: Nova Corporation also traded with other companies, the function of which was primarily the responsibility of Nova's various protocol droids.
  • Medical: Nova Corporation had very secret labs with impassable security. Virtually nothing is known of them.
  • Droids: Nova Corporation also created and distributed droids of various makes and models, specializing in protocol droids and agromechs with moderate astromech production.


  • Nova Tower, located on Ryloth. This was the primary headquarters for the Nova Corporation.
  • The Mustafar Outpost, where the Mistress formerly had a floating house powered by advanced repulsorlift technology. The outpost was also a cargo depot, as well as containing a fortress, the Dancing Clones Cantina, a battle arena, and various prison cells as well as furnished residences for rent.
  • Nova Star: Nova Star was the flagship star cruiser from which Xalandra directed her corporate empire. It had a bridge cantina, gunnery room, expansive cargo bay filled with all manner of Nova Corporation supplies, and an opulent captains quarters where the Mistress spared no expense in decorating.
  • Nova Corporation office on Coruscant, complete with personal hangar, party deck, and secret armory (safe room)


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