Neko means cat in Japanese, and in the physical world. It is also used to describe humanoid feline creatures that are basically half human, half cat characters. They possess cat-like ears and furry tails, and sometimes claws and slitted eyes as well. Their face and skin are similar to that of a humans, though some Nekos also have fur on some parts of their body, usually their forearms. Their behavior tends to vary a lot; you can find Nekos who are very used to living in human cities and behave just like them too, and you can also find other specimens who are much wilder, run on four legs, and can climb a tree in the blink of an eye.

Ikuto, A well known and quite popular Neko from a Japanese anime.

Languages spoken:



Notable Members:

User:Lord Law


  • They are on an average taller than most humans, stronger, and much more agile.
  • Nekos, like cats, purr when happy.
  • They are mostly found in woodlands and in the wild, due to not being accepted as other species, but they can be found living in human towns or cities, however, this is very rare.
  • Nekos often tend to crave milk, catnip and fish.
  • Nekos have cat eats and a tail that will pop out when they are excited, embarrassed, or if they just plain want them to.
  • They have the uncontrollable urge to play with balloons and yarn.
  • Nekos often hiss at enemies as a way of defending themselves.

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