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The brigade has killed Maxamillion of the EiTC

This Just In Maxamillion Of The EITC Makes A Fool Out Of Himself.


Maxamillion: DAgger?

Maxamillion: Im In Debt And I Have To Stay Here Forever. :(

Lord Law: Go Away Max

Maxamillion: Paradox Noobs Put Me In Here.
Law, Wizard, James, Fresh & Maxamillion

Wizard, James, Fresh And Law.

Maxamillion: Ur a Noob.

Maxamillion Sighs Softly.

Maxamillion: Bad Grammar.

Lord Law: Btw My LITTLE Army Has Over 100 Member's.

Maxamillion: :)

Lord Law: Shut Up.


Lord Law: U Look Like A Hobo!

Maxamillion: Bc They Took My Cloth's.

Lord Law Laughs.

Maxamillion: They Are Probely Noob.

Lord Law: This Is Just Awesome.


Maxamillion: Ur Guild Is All Noobs!

Lord Law: Gotta Take Screens Of This.

Maxamillion: o_o

Lord Law:Smile.

Maxamillion: U Got?

Maxamillion: Terrible Grammar!

Lord Law: Shut Up.

Lord Law: Hobo!


Lord Law: Ur Lord Of The Hobos!

Lord Law Laughs.

Maxamillion Sighs Softly.

Maxamillion:Wait, Here while i grow a beard.

Maxamillion Disappear's Then Reappear's A Couple Minutes Later With A Big White Beard.

Maxamillion: OI!

Lord Law:O_O

Lord Law: Oh Gosh.

Lord Law: ._.

Maxamillion: ._.

10 Minutes Pass with Silence.

Maxamillion: Why Are you just standing there?

Lord Law: Cuz Im Making a Wiki Page Of This & Taking Screens & Writing Down Everything We Say.

Maxamillion: o_o

20 Minutes Pass Of Silence.

Maxamillion Growls Angrily.

Maxamillion Looks Sad.

Maxamillion Hits His Head Against The Brick Wall.


Maxamillion Scream's Very Loud.
Screenshot 2011-10-23 14-36-56

Lord Law Gets Brigadiers To Embarrass Him.

All Of The Sudden Maxamillion Is Dead Silent.

Brigadiers Start To Laugh While Law explains what happened.

Maxamillion: :(

Maxamillion: I Couldn't Help Them Taking My Cloths.

Maxamillion: Now I Have Rag Cloths.

Brigadier's Continue To Laugh.