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"He got away, lucky though."

Matthew Shipmonger

Full Name:

Matthew Shipmonger





Hair Color:


Eye Color:





Law's Brigade

East India Trading Company

Co. Empire

Co. Black Guard


Matthew Shipmonger was a well known spy hired by Lord Lawrence Dagger to destroy the East India Trading Company from the inside out by becoming an officer in the Co. Black Guard, in which he had alread acheived, and then kicking out as many members as possible before pirates of the caribbean online closed. This plan backfired, Matthew Shipmonger was an old member of the Co. Empire, the original EITC guild, he missed being in the EITC. Even though Matthew swore to Lawrence that he would complete his mission and win the war for the brigade, Johnny Goldtimbers seduced him into thinking that the East India Trading Company needed him, eventually Matthew broke and told Goldtimbers about the plans, which caused the Brigade to lose The War.

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