Many reasons to HATE DisneyEdit

  1. They ruined star wars.
  2. they cancelled Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  3. They won't let pixar make there own movies
  4. They bought club penguin and RUINED it.
  5. They Bought Pixar.
  6. They bought Star Wars
  7. They Bought ESPN inc.
  8. They bought ABC
  9. they closed lucasarts for no reason
  10. Closed 3 perfectly good games (Toontown, Pirates of the Caribbean Online & Pixie Hollow) so they could "Focus" on Club Penguin.
  11. They cancelled star wars 1313.
  12. They Cancelled Star Wars: First Assault
  13. Disney characters have HORRIBLE attitudes.
  14. They use the same storylines again and again.
  15. They cancelled VERY Good shows, for example: That's so Raven, Kim Possible and Lizzie Mcguire.
  16. They Cancelled Wizards of Waverly Place.
  17. The price of admission, see below:

1955 - $1

1965 - $4

1975 - $6

1985 - $16.50

1995 - $33

2005 - $56

2009 - $62 (3-9) $72 (10+)  2013 - $81 (3-9) $87 (10+)  

18. The price of food Fantasy Land has Geppetto's Shack, which hasn't changed the menu of $10 burgers, $10 pizza slices and $8 bottle water for 15 years.

Tomorrow Land has an entire building devoted to greasy pizza, soggy pasta and wilting salad. If you decide to brave the burger bar, you'll easily pay $35 for lunch for two. And that doesn't include sodas.    

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